Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email Trekker Dave. We're a small mom n’ pop operation, and we would love to assist you.

    • Q: What ages are best suited for SkillTrek?

      Many families start as young as 5 years old. The content covers a wide range of developmental levels, up to about the mid-teen years.

    • Q: How much time is required for SkillTrek?

      Reading the PDF and viewing the video will take about 15 minutes, but the real learning magic happens with practice.

      Simple lessons can be completed in 30 minutes, including instruction and a little practice. Other lessons, due to the nature of the topic or interest of your child, may extend further. Many families will practice a new skill for one or two weeks before moving to the next one.

    • Q: How much supervision is needed for SkillTrek?

      Many of the lessons can be learned and practiced independently, depending on reading level and maturity of the child.

      Other lessons require supervision to ensure wise and safe practices are followed. Even if your student starts by reading the lesson and watching the video independently, lessons will be more fruitful with your involvement.

      Your interest and attention communicates the value of these skills. Your students will appreciate your warm affirmation and encouragement as they develop new skills.

    • Q: How can I be sure the skills are right for my child’s developmental age?

      SkillTrek is designed to accomodate a wide range of developmental levels. All memberships include access to our full curriculum. If you find the skills are too easy or too hard, it's easy to select other skills from our library.

    • Q: What if I don't love SkillTrek?

      We want to make sure you are very happy with SkillTrek. The last thing we want is to trick you into buying something that doesn't work out. If you're not satisfied, shoot me an email, and I will refund you.

    • Q: How do I cancel?

      Click on "Manage Subscription & Billing" under Your Profile to take you to your subscription settings. Click "cancel plan" and that's it!