Why Emphasize Life Skills`?

There are plenty of things you could add to your core academic instruction in the home. Why bother with deliberate life skills instruction? Won't your kids naturally just figure these things out? Here are a few of our top reasons to tackle life skills.

#1 Long Term Thinking

We find that life skills activities often spark conversations about the future, discussing ways our child can use a skill for a long time to come. Take initiative to develop these ideas about the type of adult they will become.

#2 Academic Enrichment

Basic life skills can empower enrichment activities that take the academic experience to the next level. You don't have time to be hands on with all of the cool extra activities, so work towards your kids being able to safely and thoughtfully take on those projects on their own.

#3 Individual Strengths

One of the great gifts we can give our kids is helping them become really good at something. Recognizing each child's unique traits, consider looking beyond conventional academics, sports or the arts to find those rewarding peaks.

#4 Future Cost Savings

Even if you sometimes hire a professional, it's good to have options. A broad range of practical skills gives you a choice in how you balance your use of time and money. Start early with your kids to develop this lifetime advantage.

#5 Enabling Kindness

Life skills should go beyond merely taking care of yourself. Many of the skills your kids learn today will be used as a means of conveying love and kindness for years to come.

#6 Creative Expression

When you think about creativity, think beyond the gluesticks and colored pencils of typical schoolroom arts and crafts. Creativity can flourish in the way all the kids work together to mop the kitchen floor or repair a flat bike tire.

#7 Growing Character

So many life skills stimulate specific virtues. Think of life skills through the lens of nourishing the heart and mind. Caution often comes naturally when learning to use a miter saw, and anyone who has tried to back up a trailer will be humbled.

#8 Building Confidence

Many kids tend to enjoy the challenge of doing things typically done by adults or big kids. Picking up a skill that is uncommon among their peers, sparks a virtuous cycle where they build confidence that they can learn even more. We like to use the word "precocious".

#9 Simple Enjoyment

People find many life skills to be inherently satisfying. They allow you to accomplish goals on a regular basis. Parents set the tone for their kids attitude towards chores and every day tasks. Set an example of cheerfulness in your work.