Money, Patience and Online Shopping

Trekker Evelyn
May 27, 2022
Be careful about the choices you make on products.

Recently, I experienced the importance of money and patience. I was very impatient with the money I had, but I hope you can learn from my mistakes.

The First Purchase

It started off with my birthday. My brother gave me an Amazon gift card. Fascination about picking out my own gift grew inside me. I was so excited about the gift card. As soon as I could, I went online to the Amazon website and searched for one thing that I wanted most–a smart watch. I quickly scrolled down the list and clicked the one I liked best. It looked cool, and it wasn’t too expensive. Without even bothering to look at the reviews, I bought it.


This was a mistake. I should have thought about more than just price and design. A lot of you have probably made the mistake of making a decision without thinking about all the basics. A couple days later, the watch arrived at my house. I opened it, and my face fell. It was yellow, not black like I had wanted. I was too quick to click “checkout.” I didn’t even bother to make sure I got the right color. But by this point I hadn’t learned my lesson. I decided to return the first watch and bought another one. This watch had an even cooler design and a better color (pink).

The Second Purchase

Oops! I made a similar mistake. This time I did a little better. I read some reviews. Some of the reviews said it was cheaply made, and plastic. That didn't matter to me. I just wanted that watch. When it arrived at my house, I was happy and disappointed at the same time. Instead of it being a fine metal, it was a very cheap plastic and it looked like it was made for much younger children.

I decided to keep it because I did not want to have to wait longer to get a better one. As you can see, I was not being patient at all. After two months, its functions broke. I was so mad at myself for making that decision. I got frustrated, tore my watch up and threw it away.

Lessons Learned

One thing that would have really helped was to ask my parents for help. They have lots of experience, and could ask some good questions about my choices. That would have made things a lot better.

Now I want a replacement. This time I am going to do everything I can to avoid a bad choice. I’m going to be patient. I’m going to ask my parents for advice and take it.

When we are not patient with our money and our possessions, we tend to mess up a lot of things. This is 100% true. But when we slow down, we have the chance to think about our choices. We have to be careful with online shopping in particular because it's so easy to be impulsive.

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