Helpful Hero

Helpful Hero - Life Skills Bundle

Life skill - Opening a can without a can opener Opening a can without a can opener

An activity working a what if scenario where he child is stuck with a can of food and no can opener. Two methods are discussed with instructions to fulfill the safest option.

Ages: 13

Life skill - Changing a flat tire Changing a flat tire

A challenge to learn how to safely change a car tire.

Ages: 14

Life skill - Moving heavy objects Moving heavy objects

A challenge to learn to move large, heavy, awkward items easily and without injury.

Ages: 13

Life skill - CPR Training CPR Training

A challenge to understand the importance of CPR, and get trained so that the Trekker is ready to jump in and save a life.

Ages: 14

Life skill - Life saving and first response tips Life saving and first response tips

A challenge to gain training in first response, and be prepared to jump into action if you are the first on the scene of an accident.

Ages: 14

Life skill - Jumpstart a car Jumpstart a car

To learn the safe steps to jumpstarting a car and getting some hands on experience.

Ages: 15

Life skill - Entertain a baby Entertain a baby

A challenge to learn patience and creativity entertaining a baby. Essentially getting into that babys world and conducting activities that drive development.

Ages: 6 to 16

Life skill - Washing dishes by hand Washing dishes by hand

An exercise to teach the Trekker how to effectively clean dishes without the help of a dishwasher. A skill that they will need from time to time throughout their lives.

Ages: 9