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Job Ready

Job Ready - Life Skills Bundle

Get prepared with some of the basic skills to enter the workforce.

Life skill - Giving 110 Percent Giving 110 Percent

A challenge to learn a simple principle of giving 110% to every task, setting the Trekker head and shoulders above their peers.

Ages: 16

Life skill - Using a computer spreadsheet Using a computer spreadsheet

An introduction to spreadsheets and a challenge to the Trekker to create their own spreadsheet to document their expenses.

Ages: 12 to 14

Life skill - Giving a good handshake Giving a good handshake

A short study to teach a good, positive handshake, helping the Trekker make a good first impression every time.

Ages: 15

Life skill - Interview Conduct Interview Conduct

A lesson about conduct at a job interview and a challenge for a practice interview.

Ages: 16

Life skill - Carefully following directions Carefully following directions

A challenge to develop listening skills along with tips to improve retention and understanding of instructions for the Trekker.

Ages: 10

Life skill - Write a thank you note Write a thank you note

An exercise in thank you note writing to relay gratitude and return the love or kindness shown to the Trekker.

Ages: 8

Life skill - Handling Money and giving change Handling Money and giving change

An exercise to help the child become proficient at taking cash and giving change.

Ages: 8

Life skill - Eye contact Eye contact

An exercise to enforce the need for good eye contact and the reasons for it.

Ages: 9

Life skill - Your Future Self Your Future Self

Ages: 8 to 16

Life skill - Job application Job application

Looking at dos and do nots concerning job applications, and then filling out a couple of job applications as practice and assess the childs professionalism.

Ages: 15