Rugged Young Men

Rugged Young Men - Life Skills Bundle

Life skill - Using saws Using saws

Learn the different types of saws available and their uses. Then put in some practice to get the student's saw skills started.

Ages: 11

Life skill - Learning all about water crafts Learning all about water crafts

An exploration into the different water crafts with a challenge to find a nearby rental opportunity and try it out for yourselves.

Ages: 14

Life skill - Playing chess Playing chess

A challenge to learn to play chess and understanding basic concepts of the game.

Ages: 12

Life skill - Changing a flat tire Changing a flat tire

A challenge to learn how to safely change a car tire.

Ages: 14

Life skill - Tent camping Tent camping

learn how to set up a tent, Stay worm at night, and clean up afterwards

Ages: 8 to 12

Life skill - Sharpening a knife Sharpening a knife

An instructional on how to manually sharpen a knife using a whetstone.

Ages: 13 to 15

Life skill - Using a hatchet Using a hatchet

A Life Lesson to educate the Trekker in the use of a axe or hatchet for wood cutting.

Ages: 14 to 16

Life skill - Finding Drinkable Water in the Wild Finding Drinkable Water in the Wild

Learn to find drinkable water in the wild finishing with a challenge to harvest water with a few simple resources.

Ages: 15 to 16

Life skill - Building paper airplanes Building paper airplanes

Learn to successfully make a paper airplane.

Ages: 8

Life skill - Make smores over an open fire Make smores over an open fire

A simple challenge to make smores, not only for themselves but also for the rest of the family.

Ages: 8

Life skill - Knot Tying Knot Tying

This lesson teaches the Trekker how to tie a good knot.

Ages: 9

Life skill - Build a Raft Build a Raft

Learn to build a raft using only salvaged material and paddle it in the water for 30 minutes.

Ages: 16

Life skill - Splitting wood Splitting wood

Learn how to split wood into quarters using a splitting wedge.

Ages: 14 to 16

Life skill - How to shoot a basket How to shoot a basket

Learn the basics of basketball and a few key disciplines to aid playing well.

Ages: 10