Kitchen Basics

Kitchen Basics - Life Skills Bundle

Life skill - Understanding cooking measurements Understanding cooking measurements

Learn the different forms of measurement in the kitchen.

Ages: 9 to 16

Life skill - Cooking with a skillet or frying pan Cooking with a skillet or frying pan

A challenge to start using a skillet or frying pan, and to cook for the family.

Ages: 10

Life skill - Using healthy food for healthy meals Using healthy food for healthy meals

Learn to understand the benefit of healthy meals.

Ages: 11 to 15

Life skill - Make a Sandwich Make a Sandwich

A challenge to learn to make a beautiful creation in a simple way

Ages: 6

Life skill - Making Pizza Making Pizza

This lesson teaches the Trekker how to make their own pizza.

Ages: 9

Life skill - Mac and Cheese Mac and Cheese

An exercise that helps the child get used to following basic recipes and become familiar with cooking a meal with two different stages to it.

Ages: 8

Life skill - Boiling Water Boiling Water

A Life Lesson to learn how to use a range and a saucepan to safely boil water

Ages: 6 to 8

Life skill - Peeling Veggies Peeling Veggies

A challenge to learn how to peel veggies in preparation for cooking.

Ages: 6 to 9