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Category Developmental Age Skill
Hygiene 5 Clean your ears
Recreation 5 Play Tic Tac Toe
Recreation 5 Riding a scooter
Financial 5 to 16 Preserve water & other resources
General 5 to 12 Elevators and escalators
Housekeeping 5 Turning off Lights
Crafts 5 to 16 Making Ornaments
Current Event/Topical 5 to 16 Serving the Community at Christmas (Holiday Theme)
Housekeeping 5 to 11 Using the bathroom before leaving home
Hygiene 5 Let’s get that hair washed
Current Event/Topical 5 to 16 What is Labor Day?
Manners/Etiquette 5 Please and Thank You
Recreation 5 to 12 Rock Paper Scissors
Gardening 5 to 16 Pulling those pesky Weeds
General 5 Tie your shoe laces
General 5 to 16 New Years Resolutions
General 5 Learning the days of the week
Recreation 5 to 16 Shuffling cards
Current Event/Topical 5 to 16 Columbus Day
Crafts 5 to 11 Neatly cutting with Scissors
911/Health 5 Stranger Danger
Financial 5 Identifying coins
Housekeeping 5 Make Your Bed
Cooking 5 to 16 Plan and Make Christmas Breakfast
Housekeeping 5 to 16 Packing Up Christmas
Maintenance/Automobile 5 to 8 Oil a Squeaky Hinge
General 5 Know your Phone Number
General 5 to 16 Put on a Christmas Play
911/Health 5 Apply a Band Aid
Recreation 5 to 12 Build a snowman
Cooking 5 to 16 Holiday Meal Planning
Cooking 5 Test an Egg for Freshness
Cooking 5 to 12 Make Juice from a Can of mix
General 5 to 16 Doing tasks with urgency
Water Skills 5 Floating with Floaties
Current Event/Topical 5 to 16 Thanksgiving
Hygiene 5 Washing Hands
Crafts 5 to 16 Holiday Decorating
Crafts 5 to 16 Using a pair of compasses
Manners/Etiquette 5 to 16 Gift Giving
Maintenance/Automobile 5 Hammer Time…Bubble Wrap
General 5 Let’s write our Name
Crafts 5 to 11 Folding and Tearing Paper
Manners/Etiquette 5 Knock before Entering
Housekeeping 5 Help Gather Laundry
Housekeeping 5 to 16 Sweeping
Cooking 5 to 7 Making Toast
Cooking 5 to 16 Cooking a Turkey
Cooking 5 to 16 Making a Gingerbread House
Housekeeping 5 to 16 After Bath Clean up
Current Event/Topical 5 to 16 Hurricane Awareness
Childcare 5 to 13 Heat a Babys Bottle
Organization 5 to 16 Pack and stack Groceries
Water Skills 5 Using a floating kick board
General 5 Learn the Pledge of Allegiance
Gardening 5 Grow a Sunflower
Organization 5 to 12 Toy Storage
Crafts 5 to 16 Make an Advent Calendar
Current Event/Topical 5 to 16 Hannukah
Childcare 5 to 12 Baby safety
General 5 Telling time with a digital clock
General 6 Read an analogue clock
Water Skills 6 Jump into a pool
Recreation 6 to 8 Using a Hoola-Hoop
Water Skills 6 Hold your breath underwater
Manners/Etiquette 6 Just sit quietly
Manners/Etiquette 6 Not Interrupting when others are talking
Housekeeping 6 to 16 Mop the floor
Housekeeping 6 Clean your Room
Unknown 6 The Ten Commandments
911/Health 6 Coughs and sneezes
Housekeeping 6 Dusting the House
911/Health 6 A House Fire
General 6 to 8 Ask a service person for help
Water Skills 6 Doggy Paddle
Housekeeping 6 Cleaning up afterwards
Cooking 6 to 8 Boiling Water
Gardening 6 Take no for an answer with a good attitude
General 6 Know your address
General 6 Learn the months of the year
Gardening 6 Water the garden
General 6 to 16 Receive Criticism
General 6 Finding the Restroom
Childcare 6 to 16 Entertain a baby
Organization 6 Alphabetical Organization
General 6 to 16 Willingly trying new foods
Recreation 6 Skipping a rock
Recreation 6 Learning to ride a bike
Gardening 6 to 8 Growing seeds in a bag
Recreation 6 to 8 Kicking a soccer ball
Manners/Etiquette 6 Using manners to ask for something
Cooking 6 Make cookies with Cookie Dough
Manners/Etiquette 6 Show respect for your elders
Cooking 6 to 9 Peeling Veggies
Recreation 7 Learn to Skateboard
911/Health 7 What to do if the Power goes Out!
Maintenance/Automobile 7 to 16 How to safely climb a ladder
Manners/Etiquette 7 How to react to people with Special Needs
Water Skills 7 Learn the front crawl
Housekeeping 7 Empty the Trash Can
Manners/Etiquette 7 How to set a table
Hygiene 7 Bathe alone
General 7 to 9 Using a Thesaurus
Housekeeping 7 Garbage Disposal
Hygiene 7 Dental Hygiene
Housekeeping 7 Cleaning out the fridge
Recreation 7 Catching a baseball
General 7 Safely crossing the street
Dressing 7 Tie a Tie
Manners/Etiquette 7 to 16 Winning and losing with grace
Organization 7 Counting using Tallies
911/Health 7 How to make a 911 Call
Manners/Etiquette 7 Answering the Phone
Recreation 7 Roller Skating
Organization 7 Gathering the Mail
911/Health 7 to 9 Earrings: staying healthy and looking good
Financial 7 Receive a small allowance
911/Health 7 to 16 Nose Bleed ewwwwgghhh
Housekeeping 7 to 9 Hanging clothes properly
Maintenance/Automobile 7 Using a Screw Driver
Maintenance/Automobile 7 Adjust a Bike Chain
General 7 to 9 Using Chopsticks
Housekeeping 7 Use the Vacuum Cleaner
Hygiene 7 Trimming those nails
Recreation 7 Use a Jump Rope
Cooking 8 Make smores over an open fire
Gardening 8 Raking Leaves
Housekeeping 8 to 10 Prepare clothes for washing
Hygiene 8 Daily Hygiene
Crafts 8 Building Paper Airplanes
Gardening 8 Frying an Egg
Cooking 8 Preparing a Hot Beverage
Dressing 8 to 10 Choosing clothes that Compliment
Financial 8 Handling Money and giving change
Maintenance/Automobile 8 Use a socket wrench set
Cooking 8 to 16 Cook canned soup
General 8 How to use a Dictionary
Cooking 8 Slicing an Apple
911/Health 8 Home Emergency Disaster Plan
Manners/Etiquette 8 to 10 Showing sympathy to others
Cooking 8 Make a salad
Dressing 8 to 10 Simple hair styles
Childcare 8 Change a diaper
General 8 Skype and faceTime
Manners/Etiquette 8 to 16 Apologizing properly
Cooking 8 Mac and Cheese
911/Health 8 Take your own temperature
Financial 8 Save towards a Long-term Purchase
Manners/Etiquette 8 Write a thank you note
Cooking 8 Making Oatmeal
Recreation 8 Bowling without Bumper-Bars
911/Health 8 to 10 Securing the Home
Recreation 8 How to throw a football
Recreation 8 to 10 Going Fishing
Childcare 8 Feed a Baby a Bottle
Maintenance/Automobile 8 Fixing a puncture
Cooking 8 to 10 Microwave cooking
Cooking 9 Making Cookies from scratch
Cooking 9 to 16 Making tea
Manners/Etiquette 9 Eye Contact
Recreation 9 Play Horseshoes
Technology 9 Basic Computer Use
Housekeeping 9 Creepy Crawly Patrol
Housekeeping 9 to 16 Folding clothes neatly
Manners/Etiquette 9 Greeting a person for the first time.
Housekeeping 9 Washing Dishes by hand
General 9 Number of days in each month
General 9 Address an Envelope
General 9 Take a Message
Financial 9 Spending and saving
Cooking 9 Pack your own sack Lunch
Recreation 9 How to Play Checkers
Water Skills 9 Retrieving a submerged item
Housekeeping 9 Wiping down the kitchen counters
General 9 Telling time using the 24 hour clock
Organization 9 to 11 Set an alarm clock
Cooking 9 Making Pizza
Outdoors 9 Knot Tying
911/Health 9 Bandage a wound
Housekeeping 9 Sorting Clothes
Maintenance/Automobile 9 Hammering Nails
Technology 9 to 11 Coming to grips with a Word Processor
General 9 to 11 How to read and write cursive
General 9 to 16 Conflict resolution
Childcare 9 Selecting age appropriate toys for children
Water Skills 9 Treading water
Recreation 9 Ice Skating
Gardening 9 Plant and grow a Vegetable
Housekeeping 9 to 11 Bathe an Animal
911/Health 9 Signs of dehydration
Cooking 9 Make a favorite Dessert
General 9 to 12 Survival Spanish
General 9 to 16 Dealing with a Bully
Manners/Etiquette 9 Rising when a person enters the room
911/Health 9 Choose a nutritious snack
Gardening 9 Prepare a Flower Bed For Summer
Maintenance/Automobile 9 Bike Maintenance
Dressing 9 Dressing Appropriately for the Weather
Cooking 10 Bake a cake using a cake mix
Childcare 10 to 12 Bathing a baby
Housekeeping 10 Cleaning up Drawers and Closet
Housekeeping 10 Changing your bed sheets
Recreation 10 How to shoot a basket
Manners/Etiquette 10 to 12 Address a person with respect
Manners/Etiquette 10 When is it TMI
Cooking 10 How to read expiration Dates
Maintenance/Automobile 10 Using a Drill to drill-Drive screws
Cooking 10 Follow a simple recipe
Gardening 10 Hanging a bird feeder
Organization 10 to 16 How to organize a Desk
911/Health 10 Going to bed at an appropriate time
Financial 10 to 12 Using an ATM
Manners/Etiquette 10 Opening a door for a lady (or anyone for that matter)
Dressing 10 Preparing your clothes the night before
Technology 10 to 12 Understanding and using URLs
911/Health 10 Fire Extinguishers
Water Skills 10 Diving in a pool
Recreation 10 Table Tennis
Cooking 10 Cooking with a Skillet or frying pan
General 10 Touch Typing
Current Event/Topical 10 to 16 Patriots Day
Housekeeping 10 Clean bathroom sink, toilet, and tub.
Gardening 10 Shoveling Snow
Recreation 10 to 13 VolleyBall
Organization 10 to 12 Organize a picnic
General 10 Getting to know you
Recreation 10 Proper Sit-ups and Push-Ups
Manners/Etiquette 10 Acting like a lady or a gentleman
General 10 Feed and Water Pets
911/Health 10 to 12 Splint a finger
Housekeeping 10 Household cleaners and their uses
911/Health 10 to 16 Read a medicine Label
Housekeeping 10 Stain Removal
Housekeeping 10 Purging (Decluttering)
General 10 Using a physical Encyclopedia
General 10 Practice a legal signature
Childcare 10 Holding a Baby
Maintenance/Automobile 10 The Builder’s Level
Cooking 10 Spaghetti Night
Organization 10 How to follow directions
Outdoors 11 How to read a compass and map
Crafts 11 Making Gift Bags
Manners/Etiquette 11 Being an escort, or being escorted
General 11 to 16 Opening Child Proof Containers
Dressing 11 Polish shoes
Organization 11 Punctuality
Organization 11 Staying organized using a calendar
Financial 11 to 13 The wonderful world of coupons
911/Health 11 Know how to use the items in a first aid kit
911/Health 11 Fire safety
Gardening 11 Growing Tomatoes
Maintenance/Automobile 11 to 16 Understanding and using different wrenches
Financial 11 Tipping - how much and when
Outdoors 11 How to use Sunscreen
Organization 11 Time Management
Manners/Etiquette 11 to 16 Etiquette and hygiene in public Restrooms
Crafts 11 Build a Kite
Outdoors 11 Know how to handle a pocket knife
General 11 Independently Notices Others Needs
General 11 Reset clocks for the Time Change
911/Health 11 Changing the Battery in a Smoke Detector
911/Health 11 Minor cuts, burns and splinters
Housekeeping 11 Cleaning Mirrors
Outdoors 11 to 13 Identifying Common Birds
Cooking 11 Make a healthy smoothie
Maintenance/Automobile 11 Build a piece of furniture
Organization 11 How to file
Manners/Etiquette 11 to 16 Say no to inappropriate offers
Housekeeping 11 Clean stove and oven
Cooking 11 to 16 Using an Oven
General 11 Making store purchases alone
General 11 Government
General 11 Stand up for what you believe
Housekeeping 11 Wash and dry clothes
Crafts 11 to 16 Darning a Sock
Maintenance/Automobile 11 Using Sandpaper
Cooking 11 Make a Breakfast Omelet
Organization 11 Keeping track of assignments
General 11 How to write an essay
Cooking 12 Recognize Spoiled Foods
Gardening 12 Check Nutrient Level of Soil
Gardening 12 Fall yard Cleanup
Financial 12 to 16 How to build credit
Cooking 12 to 16 Pantry Challenge
Maintenance/Automobile 12 Inflating Car tires
Cooking 12 to 16 Storing those leftovers
Maintenance/Automobile 12 How to solder wire
Outdoors 12 Camp out in a tent
911/Health 12 Tick Removal
General 12 Roman Numerals
Technology 12 Downloading and installing software - safely
General 12 What to do with Boredom
Cooking 12 Hot Dogs
Crafts 12 How to sew on a Button
Cooking 12 to 16 Understanding cooking measurements
Crafts 12 Wrapping a Gift
Maintenance/Automobile 12 Painting
Maintenance/Automobile 12 to 14 Inches and Millimeters
Maintenance/Automobile 12 Hanging Pictures
General 12 to 16 Staying at home alone
Outdoors 12 Hiking Safety
Maintenance/Automobile 12 Unclog a Sink
911/Health 12 Preparing for Weather
911/Health 12 A Healthy Amount of Sleep
Gardening 12 to 14 Build a raised garden
Maintenance/Automobile 12 Use a pair of Pliers
Cooking 12 Cake decorating
Organization 12 Packing luggage for a trip
Recreation 12 Play Chess
Outdoors 12 Identify Stars
General 12 Reflective Listening
General 12 Use a Phone directory and Yellow pages
Technology 12 to 14 Using a computer spreadsheet
Crafts 12 How to make a Candle
Financial 12 How to spot Counterfeit Bills
Cooking 12 Plan a menu
Cooking 12 Bake a pie from scratch
General 12 Car Wash
Cooking 12 Food groups and good nutrition
Maintenance/Automobile 13 to 15 Replacing Wiper Blades
Maintenance/Automobile 13 to 16 Two Cycle fuel mixing
Organization 13 Organize a yard sale
Recreation 13 Create an Exercise Regimen
General 13 Pumping Gas
General 13 De-Ice a car
Crafts 13 Tie a decorative bow onto a package
General 13 Local Government
General 13 Move Heavy Objects
Outdoors 13 to 15 How to sharpen a knife
Gardening 13 Identify Garden Pests
General 13 Dealing with Peer Pressure
General 13 to 16 How to Make an Herbal Oil (herb infused oil)
Technology 13 How to update and load computer software
Housekeeping 13 Packing Boxes for Storage
Technology 13 How to use email safely
Cooking 13 to 16 Food Preservation: Canning
Outdoors 13 Opening a can without a can opener
Cooking 13 Make a specialty meal
Cooking 13 Plan a balanced meal
Recreation 13 to 16 Golf
Maintenance/Automobile 13 Check Engine oil levels
Housekeeping 13 Cleaning Furniture
Financial 13 Creating a Home Budget
Housekeeping 13 Cleaning Windows
Maintenance/Automobile 13 Finding a Stud
Organization 13 Grocery List Making
911/Health 13 Surviving without electricity
Gardening 13 Build a bonfire
Maintenance/Automobile 13 to 15 Clean the gutters
General 13 to 16 Recycling
Maintenance/Automobile 13 Replacing Light Bulbs
911/Health 13 Know when to call 911
General 13 to 16 Cleaning Trash cans
Housekeeping 13 How to Iron a Shirt
Maintenance/Automobile 13 Attaching hardware to a wall
Gardening 13 Make a Bird Feeder
Organization 13 Packing and Shipping Boxes
Outdoors 13 How to tell North, without a compass
Crafts 13 Write a greeting card Poem
General 14 to 16 How to succeed at everything
Maintenance/Automobile 14 Turn Water off at the Mains
Maintenance/Automobile 14 Stop a Toilet from Running
General 14 to 16 How to keep a secret
911/Health 14 Prepare for Severe weather
Maintenance/Automobile 14 Mr (or Miss) Fixit
General 14 Speaking in front of a crowd
Cooking 14 Cooking without a recipe
911/Health 14 CPR Training
Technology 14 to 16 Set up a Printer
Financial 14 to 16 Investment
Maintenance/Automobile 14 Interior Painting
General 14 Carrying money and valuables
General 14 The Constitution
Financial 14 to 16 How to split a check amongst friends
Maintenance/Automobile 14 to 16 Changing Brake Pads like a pro
Dressing 14 to 16 How to Tie a Bow Tie
Organization 14 Simplify Complex Tasks
Financial 14 Deciphering value at the store
Maintenance/Automobile 14 How to change a flat tire
Crafts 14 Build a Gift Basket
General 14 to 16 Splitting wood
Outdoors 14 Build a Sled
Manners/Etiquette 14 Befriending people outside your comfort zone
Financial 14 Understand your social security number
Organization 14 Organize a master sheet for your life
Maintenance/Automobile 14 Charging a battery
Housekeeping 14 Re-arrange the furniture
Maintenance/Automobile 14 How to store an electrical cable
Financial 14 How to avoid debt or get out of debt
911/Health 14 Life Saving and first response
Maintenance/Automobile 14 to 16 Changing a propane tank
Manners/Etiquette 14 to 16 Giving a Toast
911/Health 14 Paddle a Canoe, and Rowing a Boat
Gardening 14 Build a vegetable plot
Gardening 14 Mowing a lawn
General 14 Using a Map
Outdoors 14 Lighting a fire in the wilderness
Maintenance/Automobile 14 Detail a car
Crafts 14 Calligraphy
Maintenance/Automobile 14 Use a Hack Saw
Outdoors 14 to 16 Using a hatchet
Outdoors 14 to 16 How to avoid hypothermia
Financial 15 Making a major Purchase
Maintenance/Automobile 15 How to replace a blown Headlight Bulb
Recreation 15 Build a tire swing
Financial 15 The Checkbook
Outdoors 15 Finding Geocaches
Outdoors 15 How to Identify Venomous Snakes
Housekeeping 15 Unwanted House pests
Housekeeping 15 Declutter
Gardening 15 Create a Flower Bed
General 15 Job application
General 15 Serving your Community
911/Health 15 Use Herbal Remedies
Financial 15 Raising money for a good cause
Outdoors 15 Build a survival Shelter
Maintenance/Automobile 15 Jumpstart a car
Maintenance/Automobile 15 Changing air Filters
Outdoors 15 How to Clean a Fish
General 15 Making notes as a person speaks
Housekeeping 15 Clean out the Attic or the Basement
Maintenance/Automobile 15 Check a Car’s Fluids
Manners/Etiquette 15 Giving a good handshake
Maintenance/Automobile 15 Caulking
General 15 Write a resume
Financial 15 Calculate Interest
Cooking 15 Healthy foods = Healthy Meals
Childcare 15 Discipline without using extreme measures
Maintenance/Automobile 15 Change a car battery
Financial 15 Understanding Credit cards and Debit cards
Outdoors 15 Understand Basics of Camera Use
Technology 15 How to clean a laggy computer
Cooking 15 How to use an Outdoor Grill
Maintenance/Automobile 16 Replace a Door Knob
Outdoors 16 Cook over an open fire
Financial 16 Negotiation
Maintenance/Automobile 16 Using a Torque Wrench
General 16 Making travel arrangements
General 16 Giving Directions
Housekeeping 16 Decorate your Home
General 16 How to research without a computer
General 16 Understanding Family Trees
Financial 16 Paying Taxes, How and When
General 16 How to get your car unstuck
Maintenance/Automobile 16 Changing a fuse
Water Skills 16 Floating in water
Technology 16 Computer Security
Technology 16 Back-up and Data Protection
Gardening 16 Create an Outdoor Living Area
Technology 16 Clean that dirty computer
Outdoors 16 Build a Raft
Maintenance/Automobile 16 Controlling a skid
General 16 Giving 110 Percent
General 16 Drive a manual car
Gardening 16 Trim the Hedges
Organization 16 Pros and Cons
Gardening 16 Weed eat
Technology 16 Setting up an HDTV
Outdoors 16 Packing a Backpack for the trail
General 16 Interview Conduct
General 16 How to back up a trailer
Outdoors 16 Finding Drinkable Water in the Wild
General 16 Use Public Transport on your own
Manners/Etiquette 16 Polite refusal
General 16 Support a politician
Organization 16 Create a Portfolio
Organization 16 Make your own appointments
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